Why video doesn't drive engagement

Jul 14, 2022

Most content on the web invites engagement. Except video. We've gotten used to consuming video like we consume television. We watch and when we get bored, we switch channels. That's it for the solution video or product video that your team has spent weeks on. Isn't that a shame? You could have moved the viewer closer to a purchase decision, onboarded them faster or presented information that would prevent them from churning. Unfortunately, that info was five minutes into the video and your viewer never saw it.

It's not all doom and gloom though. Viewers will often "hunt" through your video to see if they can find the bit that interests them. But we, the video owners, don't know whether they did or not. Video hosting platforms don't tell you that. If we did know what topics viewers are attracted to, we could and would leverage that to drive other viewers down the same path.

And now for a shameless plug! If you want to know how you can know what your viewers are watching and engage with them on that, I can tell you more.

About AudienceGraph

AudienceGraph transforms your video from passive content to a revenue engine that engages every viewer on topics that matter to them right now. Its AI engine works in real time across millions of viewers to optimize engagement and drive revenue.

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