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"AudienceGraph gave me better data and more prospects from my YouTube webinar" – Michael Geisen, Director of Sales, Cloud Brigade

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why wrap a YouTube video

YouTube aims to keep your viewers on YouTube. But, you want to sell your products and services to them. And the best place to do that is on your website! Place short, attention-grabbbing videos on YouTube that pull your viewers to longer video content on your website.

Present calls to action when you want, or let AudienceGraph's AI present personalized CTAs to each viewer. Get back in control of what your viewers do.

See how this works. Take two minutes and wrap your first YouTube video.


your video could look like this

This video was wrapped in AudienceGraph. Check out the blue bar below the video. It lets viewers watch what they want. Take two minutes and wrap your first video. Got your videos on Youtube? Grab our free extension and add AudienceGraph to your videos now.


Wrap a video free

So, what's a wrap, exactly?

Since the dawn of streaming video, we've had the big red Play button.

But its not enough!

Play buttons can't tell you who's watching, or what they watched.

And they can't create engagement.

Wrap videos in an AI cloud that creates engagement for you?

Then see how much more you can do.

Wrapping your videos in an AI cloud puts you back in control of what your viewers do. Recommend a more detailed video to watch, answer questions on instant chat or offer a discount. Not sure when to offer a CTA? Let AudienceGraph's AI choose a personalized CTA for each viewer.

Wrapping a video isn't a heavy lift. Got a sec to check it out? We'll wrap your video right now so you can explore AudienceGraph. Try it now! Got a video on YouTube? Grab our free extension and add AudienceGraph to your videos within minutes.


how to optimize engagement

topic-driven video

Topics are "smart" chapters that put you in control of what your viewers do while they watch what they want.

AI-optimized calls to action

No two viewers are at the same place in their journey even though they're watching the same content. Present each viewer with personalized calls to action that are matched to their intent.

tech stack integration

Make viewer information available to other apps that need it. AudienceGraph can exchange information with over 5,000 other apps

viewer dossiers

Know how each viewer consumes your video content with detailed viewer dossiers. Now your sales team will know how to kick off the next conversation.

instant engagement

Engaged viewers will have questions as they're watching. Route viewer queries to your team so they can answer them immediately.

social graph integration

Leverage your team's social graph to get the conversations you need.

Take two minutes and wrap your first video!



AudienceGraph puts you back in control of what your viewers do while they watch your videos. Its AI engine works in real time to personalize engagement across millions of viewers.


AudienceGraph lets viewers watch what they want. They get the big picture, then watch topics they're interested in. And as they do, AudienceGraph observes where they are in their journey and presents them with personalized actions. Try it! Wrap your first video.

Embed AudienceGraph videos on your website, Medium, WordPress, Notion and the hundreds of sites that support and the oEmbed standard.




$100 69/mo

  • Unlimited videos
  • 1 video slot
  • 1,000 viewers tracked
  • Topic-driven content
  • Cohort analytics
  • Per-viewer topic analytics
  • Topic CTAs
  • One-on-one Chat
  • Skins & Branding
  • Social Network sharing
  • YouTube, Vimeo & Native
  • Unlimited embeds


$300 249/mo

  • Everything in Starter
  • 5 video slots
  • 10,000 viewers tracked
  • Three team members
  • Email campaign support
  • Topic communities
  • CRM Integration
  • MarTech integration
  • LinkedIn integration


ask us

  • Everything in Business
  • All the slots you need
  • Track all viewers
  • Unlimited team members
  • Intelligent chat routing
  • AI-driven topic suggestions
  • Multi-video analytics
  • Prospect alerts



Graph is on a mission to transform how enterprises use content to drive revenue. We've created the world's first engagement platform for video, built on our patented AI platform for understanding people, relationships and content.



We take your privacy seriously. Viewer data is not publicly available. We do not rent or sell it to anyone. If you decide not to use AudienceGraph, you can request that we delete your data.



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