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Chapterlytics Chrome app

You can see the benefits of AudienceGraph in just a few minutes. If you add chapters and CTAs to your YouTube videos now, use the Chapterlytics extension for Chrome to create your first AudienceGraph project. Use AudienceGraph to embed the video on your blog or site and get enhanced SEO, analytics on what viewers are watching and targeted calls to action (CTAs).

Get the Chapterlytics extension, then go to your YouTube video page and launch the extension to get started. Not on Chrome, try AudienceGraph here.


drive viewers to your site

YouTube wants to keep your viewers on YouTube. You, however, have invested in that great video. Embed your YouTube video on your website and add the markup that tells Google what's in it. When viewers click in Google's search results they'll go to your website. Now you can convert them to prospects.

AudienceGraph keeps your content and your viewers on your website. Try it now.

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turbocharge your SEO rankings

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The best way to improve your search rankings and SEO impact is to embed a relevant video on your site. SEO pros agree that embedding a YouTube video on your site yields better results than videos hosted elsewhere. Many blog posts have demonstrated that both clicks and impressions increased significantly after a YouTube video was embedded.

AudienceGraph keeps viewers on your website, so you get all the SEO juice. Try it now.


learn your viewer's intent

Each visitor comes with a different intent. Some are there for education, others to compare products and the few you are interested in are there to buy. Their trajectory through your website will reveal their intent - but only if you collect the analytics that enable you to map their journey. Aggregate analytics don't help here. Per-viewer, per-chapter analytics reveal a viewer's intent. Now you can present that viewer with the right CTA.

AudienceGraph gives you unique analytics that drive insights into viewers and content. Try it now.

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match CTAs to intent

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A CTA that doesn't match a viewer's intent will be ignored. Why show a 30% discount offer to someone who just wants information especially when you've created optimized content to drive traffic to your site? Add CTAs that align closely with what viewers might be after.

AudienceGraph's AI uses per-viewer analytics to present the right CTA. Try it now.


scale to millions of viewers

How do you scale to millions of viewers? If you're going to scale and grow fast, you can't tie your CTAs to a particular paragraph or a chapter in a video. You have to select CTAs based on viewer intent and present each viewer with the right CTA when they're engaged with your video.

AudienceGraph scales to millions of users and automatically presents the right CTAs. Try it now.

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accelerate the sales cycle

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Everyone who views your video is not a top prospect. If there is no indication that this viewer is a prospect, offer more information on the topic they are watching, or suggest more content. Did they watch chapters or topics with high purchase intent? Alert your sales or customer success teams to get on a call with them.

AudienceGraph integrates with your sales, marketing and messaging stacks to turbocharge your sales cycle. Try it now.


turn viewers into leads

The best time to turn a viewer into a lead is while they're engaged with your value proposition. Wait a day to reach out to them and your conversion rate drops sharply. Wait a few days and your chances of converting them is likely nil. Engage viewers now and increase your chances of converting them.

AudienceGraph's industry-leading features convert viewers to prospects. Try it now.

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AudienceGraph puts you back in control of what your viewers do while they watch your videos. Its AI engine works in real time to personalize engagement across millions of viewers.

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AudienceGraph lets viewers watch what they want. They get the big picture, then watch topics they're interested in. And as they do, AudienceGraph observes where they are in their journey and presents them with personalized actions. Try it! Try it!

Embed AudienceGraph videos on your website, Medium, WordPress, Notion and the hundreds of sites that support and the oEmbed standard.

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feature highlights

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smart chapters

"Smart chapters" combine topics, timing and CTAs. Attach a specific CTA or let AudienceGraph's AI choose it for you.

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AI-optimized calls to action

No two viewers are at the same place in their journey even though they're watching the same content. Present each viewer with personalized calls to action that are matched to their intent.

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tech stack integration

Make viewer information available to other apps that need it. AudienceGraph can exchange information with over 5,000 other apps.

Picture of folders

viewer dossiers

Know how each viewer consumes your video content with detailed viewer dossiers. Now your sales team will know how to kick off the next conversation.

Picture of chat icons

instant engagement

Engaged viewers will have questions as they're watching. Route viewer queries to your team so they can answer them immediately.

Picture of social graph

social graph integration

Leverage your team's social graph to get the conversations you need.

Take two minutes and try it!




$100 69/mo

  • Unlimited videos
  • 1 video slot
  • 1,000 viewers tracked
  • Topic-driven content
  • Cohort analytics
  • Per-viewer topic analytics
  • Topic CTAs
  • One-on-one Chat
  • Skins & Branding
  • Social Network sharing
  • YouTube, Vimeo & Native
  • Unlimited embeds


$300 249/mo

  • Everything in Starter
  • 5 video slots
  • 10,000 viewers tracked
  • Three team members
  • Email campaign support
  • Topic communities
  • CRM Integration
  • MarTech integration
  • LinkedIn integration


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  • Everything in Business
  • All the slots you need
  • Track all viewers
  • Unlimited team members
  • Intelligent chat routing
  • AI-driven topic suggestions
  • Multi-video analytics
  • Prospect alerts



Graph is on a mission to transform how enterprises use content to drive revenue. We've created the world's first engagement platform for video, built on our patented AI platform for understanding people, relationships and content.



Sunil Mehta

Sunil is a co-founder & CEO @ Graph. He has built and marketed products at the intersection of machine learning, SaaS, mobile and social for the past fifteen years. Sunil earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University.

Poonam Murgai

Poonam is a co-founder & COO @ Graph. She has over twenty years of experience managing entrepreneural teams and delivering products for small and large organizations. Poonam has earned degrees from IIT Delhi and the University of Illinois.

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David is a co-founder & Chief Scientist @ Graph. He has 29 years of computational linguistics experience, both in the United States and abroad, and has developed several unique machine learning engines across multiple domains David holds a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh.

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David is a co-founder and Director of Design @ Graph. He has over fifteen years of experience designing and marketing products at the intersection of machine learning, SaaS and mobile. David earned his degree in Product Design Engineering at Stanford and works in user experience, visual and graphic design, branding, marketing, and creative development.



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