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do you know who's watching?

Video is now a major driver in marketing & customer engagement. But most analytics only give you aggregate data on how viewers engaged with your video; they don't tell you which topics each viewer resonated with.

Wouldn't you want to know that a decision maker watched the pricing section twice? Shouldn't you be able to present her with a call to action, and pipe her information to your CRM for followup by your sales team? You can do that now. Try it free.

how to make videos deliver

topic-driven video

Topic-driven video gives your viewers the big picture, and choose what they want to watch. Both marketing and sales get what they need to refine their strategy and move prospects down the funnel.

per-viewer analytics

Per-viewer analytics give you detailed viewer dossiers so your sales team knows how to kickoff each conversation with a prospect.

topical calls to action

Topical calls to action let you attach CTAs to topics and engage with your viewers while they're watching. Suggest a follow-on white paper when a viewer is learning about your product, or offer a free trial when they view pricing.

instant engagement

Serious viewers will have questions as they're watching your videos. Connect them to someone on your sales team to answer questions now and move them down your sales funnel as you do so.

CRM integration

Export per-viewer analytics to your CRM so your sales team can act on it. They'll never need to make a cold call again!

social graph integration

Knowing that you're connected to a prospect who watched a particular section, or could get an intro to that person, could make the difference between closing the deal or not. Leverage your network.

Take five minutes and try it now!


AudienceGraph makes any video topic-driven. It gives you the big picture, then lets you watch topics you're interested in. When you watch a video that's been "wrapped" in AudienceGraph, you jump right to what you want to watch. Need to review product benefits? Jump to the Benefits topic; need to verify standards compliance? Go straight there.

AudienceGraph collects per-viewer analytics on your video audience. Drill down to understand which topics decision makers are paying attention to, or see what's important to people in a particular job function or industry. Export this to your martech stack to fine-tune your video strategy. Pipe per-viewer analytics to your CRM and provide viewer dossiers to the sales team. The next time a sales rep speaks with a viewer, he'll know exactly what to zero in on. It's not a cold call any more. Try it!



$100 69/mo

  • Unlimited videos
  • 1 video slot
  • 1,000 viewers tracked
  • Topic-driven content
  • Cohort analytics
  • Per-viewer topic analytics
  • Topic CTAs
  • One-on-one Chat
  • Skins & Branding
  • Social Network sharing
  • YouTube, Vimeo & Native
  • Unlimited embeds


$300 249/mo

  • Everything in Starter
  • 5 video slots
  • 10,000 viewers tracked
  • Three team members
  • Email campaign support
  • Topic communities
  • CRM Integration
  • MarTech integration
  • LinkedIn integration


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  • Everything in Business
  • All the slots you need
  • Track all viewers
  • Unlimited team members
  • Intelligent chat routing
  • AI-driven topic suggestions
  • Multi-video analytics
  • Prospect alerts


We're on a mission to make every video topic-driven. Don't make your audience wonder what to watch. Don't guess what opaque metrics like percent watched mean for your sales funnel. Topic-driven video tells every marketing, sales and customer success person who watched what and guides their next moves. AudienceGraph is built on a patented AI platform for understanding people, relationships and content.


Your data is yours. It is not publicly searchable. We do not rent or sell it to anyone. You can download it and move it easily to other tools whenever you like.

If you decide not to use AudienceGraph, you can ask us to delete your data.


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