Medium posters can now post topic-driven videos

Aug 04, 2022

For all of you who post on Medium - we have news! If you add video to your posts, you can now add topic-driven videos to your posts. They look just like the videos you posted before, but they give your viewers a lot more control over what they watch and help you engage with them while they're watching.

Take a look at the video below. It looks pretty normal, except for the bar below the video. See the blue triangles? Move your mouse over them, then click the link in the balloon and you'll jump to that topic in the video. Browse all topics by (guess what...) tapping the All topics button.


You no longer have to chop your videos into shorts for fear that no one will watch them. Explore how topic-driven video works, check out the video itself (its only a minute), then scroll down to see how it helps video creators.

So, what's in this for you, the video creator? Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to reach out to viewers while they're watching? Now you can! Add CTAs to any topic. Engage your viewers on chat, and let them book meetings or request information. Present special offers or enable them to purchase your products right on your Medium blog.

How? Wrap your video in AudienceGraph and transform it from an ordinary video to a topic-driven one in minutes. Get your free trial at

About AudienceGraph

AudienceGraph transforms your video from passive content to a revenue engine that engages every viewer on topics that matter to them right now. Its AI engine works in real time across millions of viewers to optimize engagement and drive revenue.

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