How CloudBrigade Turned Webinar Replay into a Leadgen Engine

Feb 17, 2022

CloudBrigade is using AudienceGraph to generate leads for their Artificial Intelligence consulting services. Chris Miller, CEO at CloudBrigade did a webinar recently as part of a Santa Cruz Works program on Artificial Intelligence. The webinar and replay video explains what Artificial Intelligence is at a non-technical level for business audiences - exactly the targets that Chris believes are likely to reach out to his company for AI implementation services.

Like many videos with useful content, this webinar runs for over fifty minutes. It discusses use cases for AI in business, how a company might approach an implementation and has a great Q&A session. But who has the time to watch a fifty minute video, or even spend five minutes scanning through to see if there's useful information for them? In our attention-deprived business, no one's likely to do that. Unless… unless they can get a quick look at the topics discussed and instantly choose just the content relevant to them.

Chris is a good friend of ours and we know a thing or two about Artificial Intelligence ourselves. So when we saw the video, we realized it was a great use case for AudienceGraph. As we watched, we identified the key topics other viewers might be interested in and wrapped the video in AudienceGraph. The video stays on Youtube, but as visitors view it on the CloudBrigade site, AudienceGraph keeps track of who's watching what. We've put links in the comments so you can take a look at how viewers interact with the video and how it appears on the CloudBrigade site.

Now Chris knows which topics resonate most with his audience, so he can promote those. He's attached CTAs (calls to action) to topics that are likely to be watched by serious viewers so he can move them down his funnel while they're engaged with his content. HIs viewers can get more relevant information, book meetings with his sales team or, if they have a question, kick off an instant chat session with a sales rep. In the coming weeks, his sales team will run email campaigns around the video and generate yet more leads for CloudBrigade.

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