Boost Video Engagement with Topics

Jun 08, 2022

Have you ever come across a video that looks interesting, but then you see it's way too long and you can't watch it all? Maybe you'll watch a few bits here and there to see if you can find what you want. It's a losing proposition though and nine times out of ten you're likely to abandon your search.

Video creators hate this, so they've been making their videos shorter and shorter to increase the chance that you'll watch the entire video. That works for quick top-of-funnel pitches maybe, but what about explainers, demos, webinar replays, onboarding, and other videos that really do need to be longer?

How can we make our videos as long as they need to be, and still give viewers the ability to get to the parts they want to watch?

The solution is to use topics that create visual bookmarks. Viewers can click on a topic to jump to that part of the video. And as with chapters in a book, viewers can look at the list of topics like a table of contents, to get some idea about the video before they watch.

So does adding topics to video really increase viewer engagement? Yes! Peter Naftaliev, the founder of getmunch, analyzed almost a half a million YouTube videos. YouTube has a version of topics that they call "chapters." To avoid confusion, we'll call them topics here. Peter found that videos with topics on YouTube got more than twice the engagement rate of videos without topics. That's a great reason to take the time to add topics! The link to the entire article is below.

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Original post by Peter Naftaleiv

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