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We want to inspire and encourage you to have a positive impact on the planet and those around you. We're helping these organizations to use video to grow their audience, activate supporters, raise awareness and boost fundraising around their causes. Want to leverage your videos, or know an organization that could benefit from AudienceGraph? Reach out and we'll get you started.

The Tri-city Nonprofit Coalition supports local Afghan refugee resettlement efforts. Their monthly meeting brings multiple organizations together to share what they are doing to help. Watch the video of their December meeting and support the organizations that presented. Watch now

The Women Veterans Alliance is the premier national network focused on directly impacting the quality of life of women veterans. The "As you step from service member to civilian" series of videos helps veterans who are transitioning to civilian life. Watch now Documents, Career & Education, VA Benefits, Your Well Being.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America do whatever it takes to ensure all kids have a great future. In this video, experts from Toyota, The Coca-Cola Company and Major League Baseball join Boys & Girls Clubs of America to share their best advice with today's young people for achieving career success and finding a job you love. Watch now.

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